[Best Answer]: What is the example of input and output?

For instance, a keyboard or computer mouse is an input device for a computer, while monitors and printers are output devices. Devices for communication between computers, such as modems and network cards, typically perform both input and output operations.

What is the example of input?

Inputs are any resources used to create goods and services. Examples of inputs include labor (workers’ time), fuel, materials, buildings, and equipment.

What are three examples of input and output?

Input and Output Devices

  • Keyboard.
  • Mouse.
  • Microphone.
  • Bar code reader.
  • Graphics tablet.

What are 10 input and output devices?

Input and output devices that provide computers with additional functionality are also called peripheral or auxiliary devices.

  • 10 Examples of Input Devices. Keyboard. …
  • Keyboard. Keyboards are the most common type of input device. …
  • Mouse. …
  • Touchpad. …
  • Scanner. …
  • Digital Camera. …
  • Microphone. …
  • Joystick.

What are the 10 examples of output?

10 Examples of Output Devices

  • Monitor.
  • Printer.
  • Headphones.
  • Computer Speakers.
  • Projector.
  • GPS.
  • Sound Card.
  • Video Card.

What is an example of output?

Output is defined as the act of producing something, the amount of something that is produced or the process in which something is delivered. An example of output is the electricity produced by a power plant. An example of output is producing 1,000 cases of a product.

What is the input output?

Inputs are the signals or data received by the system and outputs are the signals or data sent from it. The term can also be used as part of an action, to “perform I/O” is to perform an input or output operation.

What are 5 examples of input devices?

Examples of input devices include keyboards, mouse, scanners, cameras, joysticks, and microphones. Input devices can be categorized based on: modality of input (e.g., mechanical motion, audio, visual, etc.)

What are 2 examples of output devices?

Examples include monitors, printers, speakers, headphones, projectors, GPS devices, optical mark readers, and braille readers.

What are the 10 examples of input devices?

The common examples are Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Trackball, Digital Camera, Scanner, Bar code Reader, OCR, Biometric Sensor, and Microphone.

What are the 20 examples of output devices?


  • Monitor.
  • Printer.
  • Headphones.
  • Computer Speakers.
  • Projector.
  • GPS.
  • Sound card.
  • Video card.

What are the 20 output devices?


  • LCD Projection Panels.
  • Monitor (LED, LCD, CRT etc)
  • Printers (all types)
  • Plotters.
  • Microfiche.
  • Projector.
  • Head Phone.
  • Computer Output Microfilm (COM)

What are the 20 input device?

2019 Computer Science Secondary School answered Name 20 input device 2 See answers dubey0079 dubey0079 Explanation: keyboard, joystick, mouse,light pen,track ball,scanner, graphite tablet, microphone,bar code reader.

What are 8 output devices?

Examples of Output Devices

  • Monitor. The monitor is an example of a visual output device. …
  • Projector. The projector, as the name suggests, projects the data on a big surface or screen. …
  • Video Card. Yet another example of visual output devices is a video card. …
  • GPS. …
  • Printer. …
  • Braille Reader. …
  • Speaker/Headphones. …
  • Sound Card.

Is a scanner input or output?

Input Devices

The computer mouse and scanner fall under the input device category. As the name suggests, input devices are used to send information to the computer. A mouse is used to input the movements of a cursor, while a scanner is used to input physical media into digital format.

What is input in computers?

An input is data that is entered into or received by a computer. This could include a user pressing a key on a keyboard, clicking a mouse to select something on screen or tapping a touch pad. Some inputs indicate to the computer what we want it to do, while others provide data for the computer to process.

Which of the following is an example of input device?

Answer: Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboards, scanners, mouses, joysticks and digital cameras are examples of input devices.

What are the inputs and outputs of a business?

Inputs are the resources invested in accomplishing a task, and typically include time, money, and effort. Process refers to what is done in order to accomplish a task. The output is, obviously, the accomplishment itself. If you can get the same outcome with less work involved, this would be an improvement.

What is input devices of computer with example?

Input Devices. In computing, an input device is a peripheral (piece of computer hardware equipment) used to provide data and control signals to an information processing system such as a computer or other information appliance. Examples of input devices include keyboards, mice, scanners, digital cameras and joysticks.

What is input and output in electricity?

Input​ refers to the amount of energy put into a device, and ​ output​ refers to the amount of energy that comes out. … For example, a light bulb’s input energy is the form of electrical energy, and its output energy is in the form of light and heat.

What do you mean by output?

: the amount of something that is produced by a person or thing. : something (such as power, energy, or information) that is produced by a machine or system. : the place at which information, power, etc., comes out of a machine or system.

Is headphones input or output?

An input device is defined as a device that inputs information into a computer for processing. In contrast, an output device is defined as receiving and reproducing information from a computer. Headphones receive information from computers (think smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.) and are, therefore, output devices.

Is GPS input or output?

The others are interesting examples of other kinds of input/output. And yes, even a GPS is an input device since it listens to signals from satellites that are in orbit around this planet to determine the exact location. This location is the data it will input.

What are four input devices?

► The four input devices are: mouse, keyboard, joystick, gamepad.

What is a real life example of an input making an output?

Some examples of input-process-output sequences are shown below. Printer receives a document from a computer. The printer stores the document in its memory. User presses buttons to select the power level and time.

What are the 5 output devices?

The various output devices are:

  • Monitor. A computer’s principal output device is a monitor, often known as a Visual Display Unit (VDU). …
  • Printer. Printers are information output devices that allow you to print data on paper. …
  • Plotter. …
  • Projector. …
  • Speakers. …
  • Headphones. …
  • Sound Card. …
  • Video Card.

Is joystick input or output?

A joystick is an input device consisting of a stick that pivots on a base and reports its angle or direction to the device it is controlling.

What are 30 examples of inputs?

  • Keyboard. Keyboard is the most common and very popular input device which helps to input data to the computer. …
  • Mouse. Mouse is the most popular pointing device. …
  • Joystick. Joystick is also a pointing device, which is used to move the cursor position on a monitor screen. …
  • Light Pen. …
  • Track Ball. …
  • Scanner. …
  • Digitizer. …
  • Microphone.

What is output in computer?

An output is data that a computer sends. Computers only work with digital information. Any input that a computer receives must be digitised. Often data has to be converted back to an analogue format when it’s output, for example the sound from a computer’s speakers.

What are the 14 input devices?

Top 14 Input Devices Used in a Computer

  • Input Device # 1. Punched Cards Input:
  • Input Device # 3. Magnetic Tape:
  • Input Device # 5. Disc Systems (Floppy):
  • Input Device # 6. Winchester Disk:
  • Input Device # 12. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR):
  • Input Device # 13. CRT and Light Pen:

Is CPU input or output?

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the main chip in a computer. The CPU processes instructions, performs calculations and manages the flow of information through a computer system. The CPU communicates with input, output and storage devices to perform tasks. An output device lets a computer communicate with you.

Is scanner is an input device?

scanner, also called optical scanner, computer input device that uses a light beam to scan codes, text, or graphic images directly into a computer or computer system.

Is camera input or output?

A digital camera may be considered both an input and output device (I/O device) as it can both take pictures (input) and send them to your computer (output).

Is keyboard an input or output?

The most common input devices are the keyboard, mouse, and touch screen. Portable keyboard, wireless mouse, and iPhone. There are hundreds of other input devices, like microphones to capture sound waves, scanners to capture image data, and virtual reality devices to capture our body movements.

Is Speaker an output device?

Speakers are used to connect to a computer to generate sound, which are one of the most common output devices.