What can you do with a steamer trunk?

Protect the top of a leather or very old wooden trunk with a sheet of glass or a metal tray to avoid water rings and provide stability to glassware or decorative objects. The generous space inside of a coffee table-sized steamer trunk works to store clothes or bedding and pillows for occasional couch surfers.

What is a steamer trunk used for?

Steamer trunks, also known as cabin trunks or traveling trunks, were originally used as luggage for extended trips by steamship, train, or stagecoach or for taking to boarding school. Many were quite elaborate inside and out. Steamer trunks have a distinguishing curved or barrel top and can weigh as much as 100 pounds.

Are old steamer trunks worth anything?

The average American made antique trunk is worth about $100 to $300 depending on the style, size and condition. If fully restored prices can be anywhere from $400 to $1300.

Why do old steamer trunks have curved tops?

The curved top not only offered a little more storage space, it meant that when traveling it had to be placed on the top of the stack, and not the bottom, thereby reducing the likelihood of damage. What’s it Worth? Whether flat-top or dome-top, many people love their trunks.

What makes a trunk a steamer trunk?

A steamer trunk is a type of luggage which takes the shape of a large rugged trunk with a flat top. These trunks were built for long trips, specifically on steam trains and boats, the flat top makes a steamer trunk easier to handle and stack.

How do you get the musty smell out of a steamer trunk?

If it still smells old and musty, place a small bowl of white vinegar inside it. Close the lid and let the vinegar deodorize the trunk for a few days. Clean stubborn mold from the inside of an old steamer trunk with diluted bleach. Mix a half cup of bleach in a bucket of warm water.

Is a trunk a suitcase?

As nouns the difference between suitcase and trunk

is that suitcase is large (usually rectangular) piece of luggage used for carrying clothes, and sometimes suits, when travelling while trunk is the (usually single) upright part of a tree, between the roots and the branches: the tree trunk.

How do you refurbish a steamer trunk?

DIY: Refinishing An Antique Trunk – YouTube

What is an antique steamer trunk?

A steamer trunk is a square or domed shaped storage box used for packing clothing and other personal belongings for travel. The box got coined with the name steamer trunk thanks to its use aboard steam powered ships.

How do you identify a steamer trunk?

Looking at it from the side, it resembles an “8” (or a loaf of bread) because it curves inward in the middle, where it latches. Travel/Steamer Trunks: Mostly flat tops, these trunks were made and designed for traveling purposes and being places in snug spaces.

How much is a steamer trunk worth?

These are the two most important factors in determining the value of your antique steamer trunk. Louis Vuitton trunks will sell for between $3000 and $20,000 while an unmarked steamer trunk will only sell for between $75 and $100. Martin Maier and Goyard steamer trunks may sell for between $500 and $3000.

Who invented the steamer trunk?

Steamer Trunks have a brief history of around thirty years, although trunks and chests were around for hundreds of years, the history of steamer trunks began in the mid 1800s. It all started with a traveling singer called Jenny Lind, who had a distinct style of trunk while traveling around.

What is a Jenny Lind trunk?

So, Jenny Lind trunks were made from the late 1840s-1850s to the 1870s. … So, you have Civil War Era Jenny Lind (1850’s-1860’s) All Wood Antique Trunk with Original Brass Bound Straps and Large Brass Nail Caps and a Brass Lock with a Feather Hiding the Keyhole, Stagecoach Trunk.

What is the difference between a trunk and a chest?

According to several dictionaries, a “trunk” is a large case or box that can be used when travelling or for storage, whereas a “chest” is used only for storage.

How do you get smell out of old trunks?

If any odor remains, place a small bowl filled with white vinegar in the bottom of the trunk and close the lid. Vinegar is a natural odor absorber and neutralizer that will help rid the trunk of odor. Leave the bowl of vinegar inside the trunk overnight.

Can you paint a steamer trunk?

Clean and sand the trunk until it is free of any dust and has a smooth texture. Dip a paintbrush into the paint until it is barely covered. Wipe it off on a soft cloth to reduce the amount of paint on the bristles. Brush the paint onto the trunk with an light pressure, letting the trunk’s original finish show through.

How do you clean the outside of a steamer trunk?

  1. Vacuum the inside and outside of your antique trunk. Use a brush attachment to gently vacuum along the inner walls and corners of the trunk. …
  2. Clean metal antique trunks with a mixture of one part white vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle. …
  3. Prop the trunk open and allow it to air dry completely.

What is the top of a trunk called?

Box– The top and bottom frame of the trunk are called the box. The box was made of a light, strong wood such as Pine and Basswood. These were the woods of choice and used in almost all cases. I have seen a few early trunks (1860-1870) that were made of Poplar, but never other woods like Cedar, Ash, Hickory or Elm.

What are elephant trunks used for?

The elephant’s trunk is an extension of the upper lip and nose. It functions for grasping, breathing, feeding, dusting, smelling, drinking, lifting, sound production/communication, defense/protection, and sensing.

What is trunk in human body?

1 : the human body apart from the head and appendages : torso. 2 : the main body of an anatomical part (as a nerve or blood vessel) that divides into branches. More from Merriam-Webster on trunk.

What can you do with an old trunk?

A vintage trunk can be also turned into a home bar, just renovate or decorate it as you need and then put on some legs of your choice, or put several trunks on each other. Voila! you can use the top or open the chest and place bottles and glasses inside.

How do you refurbish an old metal trunk?

Rub the rust in a circular motion with steel wool, remembering that steel and tin, which are harder, may require a wire brush, while brass, which is softer, might be quickly restored with steel wool. Still, a heavy buildup of rust on brass might require the wire brush.

How do you restore an old wooden chest?

How to Refinish a Wood Chest

  1. 1 Clean the Chest Up. Place the chest on a work surface at about waist height. …
  2. 2 Remove the Hardware. Use a screwdriver to remove hinges and latches. …
  3. 3 Repair Cracks + Splinters. …
  4. 4 Fill Dents + Scratches. …
  5. 5 Sand the Chest. …
  6. 6 Nooks + Crannies. …
  7. 7 Final Sanding. …
  8. 8 Wipe On, Wipe Off.

How much is a Saratoga trunk worth?

If you have provenance of your trunk belonging to a historical figure or have a rare style of trunk such as a Saratoga trunk it is best to leave it as is. Most common trunk values range from 50 to 200 dollars depending on the venue it is being sold in and how much the buyer is willing to pay.

What are old chests made of?

Typically these older chests and boxes were made of wood, sometimes fabric lined and fabric covered. Common fabrics would have been canvas, cotton, jute or “burlap”.

How can you tell how old your chest is?

How to date antique furniture- Shaker chest of drawers – YouTube

How much is a Louis Vuitton trunk worth?

Highlighted by a number of pieces — like the Christopher backpack, Keepall duffel bag, accessories and two footwear styles — the most newsworthy piece was the Louis Vuitton trunk, which will retail for a whopping $68,500 (all prices in USD) — double a regular in-house trunk.

Why is a chest called a trunk?

They were low-profiled and small enough to fit under the berths of trains or in the cabin of a steamer, hence their name. Most were built with flat tops and had inner tray compartments to store the owner’s valuables deemed too precious to keep stowed away in the baggage (luggage) car or ship’s hold.

Is the chest part of the trunk?

The trunk, or torso, is the part of the body to which the head, arms, and legs connect. It includes the shoulders, chest, lower abdomen, back, and buttocks.

How do you get mothball smell out of a steamer trunk?

To remove mothball odor from an old trunk use cheap coffee. Just put it in a nylon that you tie or just sprinkle into the trunk. I did this to a 1800 trunk that even smelled up glassware. It really works.

How do you chalk paint a steamer trunk?

steamer trunk makeover || chalk painted trunk || upcycling ugly thrift …

How do you cover an old trunk?

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Can you spray paint metal trunk?

The metal surface on your old trunk must be properly prepared to accept the new coat of primer, paint and clear coat. You must also be very patient when working with spray paints.