How do you clean a chocolate fountain?

How do you clean a hardened chocolate fountain?

Process of Cleaning

  1. Step 1: Begin by draining out all the excess chocolate from the fountain. …
  2. Step 2: Once you have got rid of all the excess chocolate, fill the basin with a jug full of warm water and run the fountain for a few minutes. …
  3. Step 3: Using a sponge and some warm soapy solution, get to washing the basin.

How do you clean chocolate fondue?

Remove the centre column with the tiers and spiral from the Chocolate Fountain Base. Gently wipe them with a soft damp cloth or sponge and place them in a sink. 4. Next thoroughly wash the centre column with the tiers and spiral in warm soapy water before rinsing and drying.

How do I clean my Aldi chocolate fountain?

Use a damp sponge or non-abrasive cloth to wipe out the remainder of the chocolate and to clean the outside of the fountain. 6. NEVER IMMERSE THE MOTOR BASE IN WATER OR ANY OTHER LIQUID.

Will chocolate fountain Harden?

Don’t leave chocolate in the fountain after you’re finished. When it cools, it will harden. If someone turns on the auger with hardened chocolate in the fountain, it will could burn out the motor.

How do I turn my chocolate fountain off?

Turning Off Your Chocolate Fountain – YouTube

Can you test chocolate fountain with water?

To test the fountain, water can be used. However, water is too thin to be carried up the auger. submersed in water to avoid damaging the wiring and electrical parts in the base. Once the parts have been cleaned, simply place the auger back on the t-shaft and the auger tube on the four posts.

How do you clean a Chocomaker fountain?

Wash the inside of the fountain bowl with mild soap and water, being careful not to immerse fountain base in water, as the base houses the electrical unit and may become damaged if immersed in water. 05. Wipe down the outside of the base with a damp cloth.

What chocolate do you use for a chocolate fountain?

What Chocolate do you use for a Chocolate Fountain? Without exception, the finest chocolate for a chocolate fountain is Belgian. You’ll find it is a superior grade that melts very easily at a low temperature which means the sugar it contains won’t burn.

What goes well with chocolate fountain?

Chocolate Fountain Dipping Foods

  • Marshmallows.
  • Novelty Marshmallows.
  • Fresh Strawberries.
  • Fresh Pineapple.
  • Fudge.
  • Bananas.
  • Seedless grapes.
  • Doughnuts/profiteroles (depending upon availability)

How do I make my chocolate fountain run smoother?

Pour the chocolate into the bowl at the base of the unit. Let the fountain run for 2 min’s then shut it off for about 30 seconds to eliminate air gaps. If the chocolate does not flow smoothly, add another 1/8 cup of oil to the chocolate in the base.

How do you make a chocolate fountain work?

How to Use a Chocolate Fountain

  1. Wipe down the fountain before assembling.
  2. Place the base in desired location.
  3. Insert the auger into the base.
  4. Insert the tower over the auger.
  5. Place the top of the tower on.
  6. Pour the chocolate in the base and start heating.
  7. ENJOY!

How do I use my Aldi chocolate fountain?

Aldi Specialbuys – Ambiano Chocolate Fountain – The fountain of youth!

Can you put cheese in a chocolate fountain?

Create a cheese fountain with your chocolate fountain. You’ll get the best flow by using nacho cheese, but you can also use processed cheese such as Velveeta. … Mix the cheese with water or milk to get the desired consistency. Transfer the cheese to the chocolate fountain.

Can you reheat a chocolate fountain?

If you make your Chocolate Fondue in Advance or need to reheat leftovers, you can reheat it gently at 50% power in the microwave, stirring frequently until warmed through.

How do you thin out chocolate for a fountain?

Well, “fountain” chocolate needs to be a fair amount thinner. Most fountains will recommend using vegetable oil to thin it out, using about ¼ cup of oil per 2 – 2.5 lbs of chocolate used. (This is assuming better quality chocolate, with high levels of cocoa butter. Lower quality chocolate will require more oil).

Are chocolate fountains sanitary?

Chocolate actually isn’t considered a high risk bacteria growth media, so that fountain ewww gets drained into a food service bucket, set in the walk-in cooler overnight, then brought back out the next day for a repeat performance.

What temperature should a chocolate fountain be?

The best range seems to be between 158-176 degrees. At these settings the chocolate temperature will be between 110 degrees to 120 degrees. At this temperature the chocolate will be warm to the taste, and the fountain housing and rim of the basin of the fountain will only be warm to the touch.

Do you have to melt chocolate before putting chocolate fountain?

Getting Your Chocolate Fountain Chocolate Ready

Now it’s time to get the chocolate ready, It needs to be melted before you place it in the warmed fountain bowl. The quickest and simplest way to do this is in the microwave but you can also melt your chocolate on the hob.

Why is my chocolate fountain not spinning?

Cavetating Chocolate Fountain A chocolate fountain that cavetates simply means that air is trapped in the center tube and is preventing the chocolate from smoothly flowing up. … If your chocolate isn’t melted properly – and the temperature maintained once it is melted – then the chocolate won’t continue to curtain.

Can you put drinks in a chocolate fountain?

The chocolate DOES want to fall down, but the speed of the rise is somewhat faster than the speed of the fall due to the viscosity. Water, by contrast, would have no trouble winning that race. If you have a chocolate fountain that has any sort of backflow prevention in place, then water should work in it just fine.

How much chocolate do I need for a rival chocolate fountain?

of chocolate (the machine recommended 3-5 lbs.)

What oil is best for chocolate fountain?

But I stumbled onto the perfect solution: unrefined coconut oil. A ratio of one tablespoon of coconut oil per cup of semi-sweet morsels works perfectly and tastes delicious. What is this? Chocolate Fountain Tip ♥ Use a ratio of 1 Tbls Coconut Oil: 1 cup Chocolate Chips = Smooth, Delicious Perfection!

Can Wilton candy melts be used in a chocolate fountain?

Use in the Chocolate Pro Fountain or the Candy Melts Melting pot to use as a fondue. Its smooth texture and rich flavor makes it perfect to use with fruit, pound cake and cookies, or savory treats like pretzels and potato chips.

Can I use Hershey’s syrup in a chocolate fountain?

Answer: I recommend not to use it, especially since it’s very rich in chocolate taste. There’s this product I recommend to use for chocolate fountains (as I was looking into a chocolate fountain myself). I’d see this item of Hershey’s Syrup for chocolate milk, topping on top of sundaes/ice cream in general.

How long can you leave a chocolate fountain running?

How long can a Chocolate Fountain run for? Most Home Fountains are designed to run for up to approx 3 hours – perfect for a party or celebratory dinner. Sephra Commercial Fountains can run for up to 24 hours – giving you the potential to serve your customers and guests for hour after hour.

How much oil do you put in chocolate fountain?

In most cases, oil will be necessary to ensure a smooth, even flow of chocolate through your fondue fountain. A good estimate is ½ cup of vegetable oil per 5 pounds of chocolate. Add the oil directly to the chocolate chips or callets in the microwave safe ziplock bag or bowl prior to warming. 3.

How much fruit do you need for a chocolate fountain?

You want about 8 pieces of various dippers per person for a full dessert, or about 5 pieces for a reception. 2-5 fruit pieces per person, usually including 2 strawberries (see the fruit tray page for info on how many pieces in various types and sizes of fruit).

Can you use dairy milk for chocolate fountain?

The answer is yes… and no. Yes, you can use any chocolate in a chocolate fountain, but it has to be formulated to have a lower viscosity, or in simpler terms make it runnier. … We’ve Made It Easy: We carry chocolate already formulated for fountain use. It comes in both dark, milk and white.

How do you thin out melted chocolate?

The best ingredient to add is fat. Try adding a small amount of vegetable oil, butter, or shortening as this will melt into the chocolate and make it thinner.

Can I use chocolate chips in a chocolate fountain?

What Chocolate to Use for Chocolate Fountains. They sell liquid chocolate for chocolate fountains but you don’t really need to buy that. You can use chocolate chips meant for baking chocolate chip cookies. Semi-sweet chocolate chips are very sweet and I have used them for my chocolate fountain.

Can you pour melted chocolate down the drain?

my husband is a plumber…the answer is YES– it can solidify and cause problems.

How do you set up a chocolate fountain table?

Chocolate Fountain Recipe and Set Up Guide – YouTube

Can I reuse chocolate from a chocolate fountain?

Reuse of the same chocolate, even for a function the following day, is not recommended because the chocolate can become “contaminated” with bits of fruit, cookies, etc. in an uncontrolled environment.

Can you put ranch dressing in a chocolate fountain?

Though the dressing is meant to be served cold, the fountain does have separate motor/heat switches, so it could be used for chocolate, at the right consistency. Though, a chocolate fountain is feeling positively retro in the light of this discovery.

What do you serve with a cheese fountain?

What to Dip in Cheese Fondue

  • Bread. Crusty bread is usually the #1 pick for cheese fondue because, well, it’s the best at soaking up all its cheesy goodness. …
  • Apples &amp, Pears. …
  • Broccoli &amp, Cauliflower. …
  • Bell Peppers. …
  • Roasted Potatoes. …
  • Meatballs. …
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts. …
  • Filet Mignon.

How do I know if my chocolate fountain is working?

Sephra – (Part 1) Troubleshooting Your Chocolate Fountain – YouTube

How do you fix seized dark chocolate?

Fixing Seized Chocolate

Adding the right amount of water (or other liquid) will dissolve the sugar and cocoa in the clumps and make it a fluid consistency again. Using 1 teaspoon of boiling water at a time, add to the seized chocolate and stir vigorously until the mixture is smooth.

Can you use olive oil to thin chocolate?

Technically, you “can” use olive oil, but it won’t be the same. Depending on the olive oil, you may notice a slight change in taste, but if it’s a mild olive oil and you only use a dab, you can probably get away with it. … You can simply melt your chocolate and use it without any added oils. Hope that helps!

Can I use vegetable oil to thin out melted chocolate?

Vegetable oil is a neutral-tasting oil you can use to thin chocolate for drizzling or chocolate candy or to use as dipping chocolate. Stir vegetable shortening into melted chocolate.