[Quick Answer]: How many calories are in a caramel apple spice from starbucks?

What’s in it: 290 calories, 7 fat grams, 57 grams carbs, 0 grams fiber, 0 grams protein.

Does Starbucks have caramel apple spice?

The breakdown is this: Starbucks has the Caramel Apple Spice Drink, which not many people know about because it isn’t a coffee or tea drink. It’s steamed apple juice with cinnamon syrup, whipped cream and caramel sauce drizzle. … Voila, your caramel apple concoction now has pumpkin, too, for the ultimate fall trifecta.

How many calories are in a Grande Caramel Apple Spice?

There are 380 calories in 1 serving (16 oz) of Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice (Grande).

How many calories are in a caramel apple cider from Starbucks?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 190 (797 kJ)
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
Sugars 35.1 g
Protein 0.5 g
Caffeine 0 mg

How much is a Caramel Apple Spice at Starbucks?

It’s Budget-Friendly, Too! Since the Caramel Apple Spice doesn’t include steamed milk or espresso, it’s one of the cheaper items on the menu. You can usually snag one for around $3 depending on the size, and it’ll be the best $3 you’ll ever spend.

Is the caramel apple spice good?

It tastes like warm apple cider with an extra flavorful kick. It is so delicious. The Carmel Apple Spice also smells almost like a fall candle. There is nothing bad about this drink except the calories and price.

Is Starbucks caramel apple spice vegan?

The autumnal beverage features apple and brown sugar syrup, espresso, steamed milk, and caramelized-spiced apple drizzle. Make it vegan by swapping out the steamed milk for a plant-based version for an apple pie dessert that you can drink.

How many calories are in a tall caramel apple spice from Starbucks?

There are 300 calories in a Tall Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks.

How many calories are in a Starbucks hot apple cider?

Hot Apple Cider

What’s in it: 120 calories, 0 fat grams, 31 grams carbs, 0 grams fiber, 0 grams protein.

What is the Starbucks secret menu?

52 Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks

  • Cookies and Creme/Oreo Frappuccino. Base drink: White Chocolate Creme Frappuccino. …
  • French Vanilla Latte. Base drink: Latte. …
  • French Vanilla Frappuccino. …
  • Thin Mint Frappuccino. …
  • Cocoa Puffs Latte. …
  • Cocoa Puffs Frappuccino. …
  • Cap’n Crunch/Captain Crunch Frappuccino. …
  • Dirty Matcha Frappuccino.

How many calories in Starbucks spiced apple drizzle?

Starbucks Short Caramel Apple Spice Calories

There are 220 calories in a Short Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks.

How many calories are in a pump of white chocolate syrup at Starbucks?

The syrups (like cane sugar or vanilla) are 20 calories per pump and the white chocolate sauce is 60 calories per pump.

Is Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice gluten free?

Ingredients in My Real Food Caramel Apple Spice

This Real Food Starbuck’s Copycat Caramel Apple Spice is paleo, vegan, gluten-free, corn-free, grain-free, and refined sugar-free. There is nothing questionable whatsoever.

Does caramel apple spice Starbucks have caffeine?

A Caramel Apple Spice is a great Starbucks drink option for kids since it does not contain caffeine. … But while this drink is caffeine-free, a Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice does contain its fair share of calories. Afterall, it’s juice flavored with syrup and topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce.

How do you order caramel apple spice?

Starbucks Secret Menu: Caramel Apple Spice Frappuccino

  1. Fill to the first line with whole milk.
  2. Fill to the second line with apple juice.
  3. Add Cinnamon Dolce syrup (2 tall, 3 grande, 4 venti)
  4. Top with whipped cream and caramel sauce.

How do I order iced caramel apple spice?

How to Order This Frappuccino. The Caramel Apple Frappuccino starts with a Grande cream-based Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino. From there, ask for apple juice to the second line of the cup. Then, the barista will blend the drink with the rest of the Frappuccino ingredients.

What are the fall drinks at Starbucks?

Best Fall Drinks at Starbucks

  • Apple Crisp Macchiato.
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  • Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew.
  • Caramel Apple Spice.
  • Chai Tea Latte.
  • Pumpkin Spice Macchiato.
  • Cinnamon Dolce Latte.
  • Pumpkin Spice Flat White.

How do you order hot apple cider at Starbucks?

What is this? The apple drink choices at Starbucks are pretty slim, so I wanted to create a new option of apple cider you could try!


  1. Start by ordering a Grande Steamed Apple Juice.
  2. Ask for 4 pumps of brown sugar syrup.
  3. Ask for extra cinnamon powder.

What is Starbucks caramel macchiato?

The Caramel Macchiato is essentially a not-too-sweet vanilla latte topped with caramel. The “macchiato” distinction is due to the fact the espresso is layered on top of the milk, as opposed to the Starbucks latte, which does the opposite. This layering is especially noticeable in transparent vessels.

Is Starbucks caramel brulee dairy free?

Starbucks Holiday Beverages that Cannot be Ordered without Dairy. … But you can ask for their pumpkin spice topping (it’s essentially just spices) on another drink. Caramel Brulee Latte – The caramel brulee sauce at Starbucks does contain milk. However, you can request their sugary caramel brulee topping on another drink …

What is in a Starbucks medicine ball?

Here’s what’s in this cold-fighting concoction: Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea, Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea, hot water, steamed lemonade, and just a hint of honey. To really jazz it up, some customers order a pump of peppermint syrup.

How do you make a caramel apple frappuccino?

Here’s the recipe for a Grande (adjust for other sizes):

  1. Apple Juice to the first line, whole milk to the second line.
  2. 3 pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup.
  3. 3 pumps of Cream Base.
  4. 2 Pumps Dark Caramel (or regular caramel)
  5. Top with Whipped Cream, Caramel Ribbon Crunch, Caramel Drizzle and Cinnamon Dolce topping.

Can you get apple juice at Starbucks?

Freshly steamed 100% apple juice (not from concentrate). Feel the apple goodness in this classic fruit drink that will soothe and embolden your day.

What sizes are at Starbucks?

The sizes available to you are Short, Tall, Grande, Venti Hot, Venti Cold, and Trenta.

  • Short. The Short option was one of the first two available within Starbucks, The Spruce Eats reports. …
  • Tall. Tall was the other OG Starbucks size option. …
  • Grande. …
  • Venti Hot. …
  • Venti Cold. …
  • Trenta.

Does Starbucks still have cinnamon dolce?

“We can confirm that the Cinnamon Dolce syrup is not discontinued in stores,” a Starbucks rep told Elite Daily via email. The missing syrup is due to larger supply chain issues.

How many calories are in a apple cider from Dunkin Donuts?

There are 180 calories in 1 serving (24 oz) of Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Apple Cider (Medium).

What does upside down mean at Starbucks?

Asking for an upside-down drink will reverse the steps in your order. This term is especially popular with the famous caramel macchiato, which starts with vanilla syrup and ends with caramel. If a drink is ordered upside-down, this means the recipe for it is reversed.

How do you order Starbucks TikTok?

The trendy so-called “TikTok drink” has somewhat mysterious origins according to Reddit, but it very much is something you can order at Starbucks. Ask for: A Venti-sized Strawberry Açaí Refresher with three scoops of strawberries, three scoops of blackberries and a “matching size scoop of ice” all blended together.

What Starbucks drink is pink?

Starbucks Pink Drink is a light and refreshing beverage that features the sweet flavors of Strawberry Acai Refreshers® with accents of passion fruit and acai combined with Coconutmilk, and topped with a scoop of strawberries.

What is Starbucks spiced apple drizzle?

The spiced apple drizzle consists of sugar, brown sugar, water, apple juice concentrate, apple puree, ground cinnamon, pectin, potassium sorbate, salt, lemon juice concentrate, malic acid, xanthan gum, caramelized sugar, natural flavor, and ground nutmeg.

How many calories are in Starbucks syrups?

Be specific about your syrups

Each flavored pump packs in about 20 calories and five grams of sugar. So if you opt for a Grande Vanilla Latte with two pumps of vanilla syrup instead of four, you’ll be sparing your waistline of 40 calories and 10 grams of sugar!

How many calories are in apple syrup from Starbucks?

A standard Grande is made with three pumps of syrup, with each pump containing roughly 20 calories and five grams of sugar. You can make the drink lighter without losing that cozy, apple pie-like flavor simply by asking for one or two pumps of syrup, instead of three.

How many calories are in 2 pumps of caramel?

Be specific about your syrups

Each flavored pump packs in about 20 calories and five grams of sugar.

How many calories in a pump of caramel syrup at Starbucks?

Starbucks Syrups With 5 or Fewer Calories Per Pump

Flavored Starbucks Syrup (Per Pump) Calories Total Sugar (g)
Caramel Syrup (for hot and iced beverages) 20 5
Caramel Syrup (for Frappuccinos) 10 3
Brown Sugar Syrup 10 3
Pineapple Ginger Syrup 5 1

How many calories does Starbucks caramel syrup have?

There are 90 calories in 2 tbsp (30 ml) of Starbucks Caramel Flavored Syrup.

Does Starbucks apple drizzle have dairy?

The sip is finished off with a caramelized-spiced apple drizzle, which is a blend of apple juice, apple purée, cinnamon, and nutmeg. … Since the Apple Crisp Macchiato’s syrup and drizzle don’t contain milk products, you may consider swapping in a non-dairy milk — but Starbucks still can’t certify the drink as vegan.

Is Starbucks hot chocolate vegan?

Starbucks hot chocolate can be made vegan! … The coffee chain uses mocha sauce to make the drink, which unlike the white mocha sauce, is suitable for vegans. Ask your barista for a pump or two of peppermint syrup for a classic flavor combo.

Is Starbucks sugar cookie syrup dairy free?

The vegan Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte contains Starbucks’ Blonde Espresso Roast, sugar cookie syrup, and almond milk with red and green sprinkles on top. Whether hot or iced, the beverage is entirely vegan without modifications. … It reminds me of making cookies with my mom and sisters growing up.

Does Starbucks have a caramel apple cider?

A Nod to Mulled Apple Cider

The Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks gives a nod to the nostalgic fall flavors of mulled apple cider but adds enough modern touches to create a drink that is impressively sophisticated and delicious.

What is Starbucks apple cider?

Although Starbucks doesn’t carry actual apple cider, this version tastes rather close to a traditional cider, and comes highly recommended. Plus it’s extremely easy to order, and has less sugar and calories than a Caramel Apple Spice!

What is cinnamon Dolce topping?

What is in Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce topping? The cinnamon dolce topping is a combination of Cinnamon Dolce Sprinkles and whipped cream. The drink is topped with whipped cream and then dusted with the sprinkles. But it’s not limited to those two ingredients. There are many toppings you can add, like a caramel drizzle.

Will apple cider curdle milk?

If you add cold apple cider to hot coffee and milk, it will just curdle.

Is the apple crisp macchiato vegan?

Launching Aug 24, the Apple Crisp Macchiato is vegan with the addition of non dairy milk! … This drink uses a Apple Brown Sugar Syruo and Spices Apple Drizzle, both of which are vegan!

Is Starbucks apple crisp macchiato gluten free?

The Fall 2021 Seasonal Drinks at Starbucks are gluten-free with the exception of the Apple Crisp Macchiato which contains wheat in the drizzle. If you want to try this drink, just ask for them not to add the drizzle.

Is steamed apple juice good for you?

Summary Human studies suggest drinking apple juice may increase antioxidant activity in your blood and help protect LDL (bad) cholesterol from oxidation. This may reduce your risk of heart disease.

Does Dunkin Donuts have apple cider?

Dunkin’ has a variety of apple cider-flavored products coming to its menu, including its popular apple cider donut. It will also be adding two Dunkin’ Refreshers to the menu, one Apple Cranberry-flavored and the other Apple Cranberry with coconut.

Does Dunkin have hot apple cider?

Dunkin’ Donuts’ new Apple Cider, steamed via an espresso machine, is available hot or iced for the suggested retail price of $1.59 for a small 10 oz. hot beverage.