[FAQ]: How much does 200 ft of chain link fence cost?

Chain-link fence cost per linear foot

Linear feet Average cost to install
100 $900 – $3,000
150 $1,350 – $4,500
200 $1,800 – $6,000
300 $2,700 – $9,000

How much does it cost to install 200 feet of chain link fence?

Cost factors include the height of the fence, the material it is made of, and labor costs. The average cost to install a chain link fence ranges from $2,450 to $4,000, with the average homeowner spending $3,000 for a 200 ft. long, 4 ft. high, 9 gauge, 2 in.

How much does a 100 foot chain link fence cost?

Average Chain-Link Cost Per Foot

Linear Feet 4-foot Tall 6-foot Tall
50 $600 $750
100 $1,200 $1,500
150 $1,800 $2,250
200 $2,400 $3,000

How much does it cost to install 150 ft of fence?

The best options are wood or vinyl, but metal could also be used—though at a higher price point. Installation of a 150-foot privacy fence ranges between $1,500 and $8,250, with an average of $2,750.

How much does a 6ft chain link fence cost?


HEIGHT OF FENCE PRICE RANGE * includes materials and professional labor costs
4 feet $9 – $19 per linear foot
6 feet $11 – $24 per linear foot
8 feet $13 – $27 per linear foot
10 feet $16 – $31 per linear foot

How much does 4 foot chain link fence cost?

Cost of 4 Foot Chain Link Fencing

4 Foot Chain Link Fencing Costs Zip Code Lineal ft.
Basic Better
4 Foot Chain Link Fencing – Installation Cost $700.00 – $775.00 $800.00 – $900.00
4 Foot Chain Link Fencing – Total $1550.00 – $1725.00 $1800.00 – $2000.00
4 Foot Chain Link Fencing – Total Average Cost per square foot $16.38 $19.00

Is chain link fence the cheapest?

Even with their separate components – including metal stakes, galvanized posts, brackets and tie wires – chain link fences are almost always cheaper to purchase and install than wood, regardless of the type of lumber in consideration.

How much does it cost to fence 1 acre with chain link?

If for example, a 4′ high residential chain link fence costs $4.56 per linear foot, then your rough cost on the one acre would be $3,812.16 in materials ($4.56 x 836 linear feet), the 10 acres would be $12,038.40 ($4.56 x 2,640 linear feet), and if you are estimate the cost for a quarter of an acre, it would cost …

Is black chain link fence more expensive?

Black chain-link fence sections 4′ high by 8′ wide cost $80 to $200 each installed. The following table shows an average 4′ to 8′ high residential fence 150′ long.

Average cost to install a black chain-link fence.

National average cost $2,900
Average range $1,500 to $4,800

What is the cheapest fence to install?

PVC fencing. The cheapest way to create a fence for your home is by getting one made from PVC. Such fences substitute wooden pickets and stakes to offer your protection from the outside world. PVC sleeves improve the stability of wooden posts used as a fence, reducing the cost of material and the labor used.

How much does it cost to install a chain link fence?

Whether you plan to self install or hire a contractor. But as a basic rule of thumb, an installed, four foot high galvanized chain link fence in a major city will cost you anything from around $18 per linear foot, not including any gates, and assuming your site is clear, level and doesn’t have too many corners.

How do I estimate the cost of a fence?

Fence installation costs $1,500 to $3,000 for an average yard with most homeowners spending about $1,800. New fencing costs $5 to $16 per linear foot, or about $2,016 to $9,011 for 1 acre. Prices depend on the type of fence materials used and the length and height of the fence.

How do you calculate labor cost for fencing?

Depending on the type of wood selected, the labor costs to install a fence range from $5 to $15 per linear foot. For a typical wood fence, labor costs will make up 30% to 50% of your final price. A professional fence contractor will take an average of 15 hours to install 100 linear feet of fence.

Is it hard to install a chain link fence?

Installing a chain link fence is a project that can be completed in a day or two, depending on the area. Of the many fencing options, chain link is among the most budget-friendly. It consists of a metal chain link fabric that attaches to a series of metal fence posts using special post hardware.

How many feet of fence do I need for a half acre?

What is the minimum fence footage for half an acre? On average, the minimum number of feet needed to enclose half an acre with fencing is around 590 feet.

How long do chain link fences last?

Metal chain link fences last an average of 25 to 30 years or more and are easily and inexpensively repaired. Vinyl fence will last an average of 35 to 40 years but repairs are less convenient and more expensive. Each type of fencing requires different levels of care and maintenance procedures for optimal longevity.

How far apart do you put chain link fence post?


As chain link fence posts are smaller and sturdier than many other types, the holes should be smaller and can be farther apart. Follow the fence manufacturer’s instructions for spacing, which typically ranges from 4-10′ apart—spacing should not exceed 10′ on-center. (fig.

How long does it take to install chain link fence?

How long will it take to install a chain-link fence? Professional fence companies may be able to install your chain-link fence in one day. More commonly, expect the process to take two or three days. You’ll need one day for the posts to fully set in the concrete and another day to install the fence.

How do you calculate chain link fence material?

Measure along the staked fence line to determine the total length of chain fabric needed. Be sure to allow for any gates that will go in the fence. The total length minus the total width of all the gates will be the amount of chain link fabric needed.

Which is cheaper privacy fence or chain link fence?

Price. The cost of a wood fence depends on things like the height, length, style, and the type of wood. … Chain link fences are typically less expensive than wood fences. That’s because the material is less expensive and the labor hours required for installation are usually less.

Are chain link fences trashy?

Any type of fence in a front yard can make a property look trashy, if it is not properly maintained. If there are weeds growing up along the fence and a post or two are leaning over, it could give the impression that the homeowner is lazy.

Can you install chain link fence without concrete?

You can install a chain link fence without using concrete, but it is not recommended. Anchoring each fence post in concrete is the best way to ensure your fence will stand straight and tall for many years.

How much chain-link fence do I need for 2 acres?

Usually for a “chain-link” type fence, you’ll need larger diameter posts at corners, and smaller diameter ones every 10 feet. There are 43,560 sq ft in an acre. 2 acres would be 87120 sq feet. A perfect sq would be 295 ft on a side, or 1,180 feet of fence material.

How many feet of fence do I need for 5 acres?

How Many Feet Of Fence For 5 Acres? For a 5 acre lot of any shape, you will need a total length of 1866.8 feet of fence. If you have a perfectly square-shaped yard then each side will be 1866.8 / 4 = 466.7 feet.

How much is a black chain-link fence?

On average, installing a 150-foot-long and 4-foot-tall black chain-link fence costs $1,700 to $2,900. However, adding height, a thicker gauge mesh, or installing it on difficult terrain can increase the price to $7,500+. For most residential projects, expect to pay $5 to $25 per linear foot for materials.

How much does a 100 foot vinyl fence cost?

Vinyl Fence Cost per Linear Foot

Size Cost (Installed)
100 Linear Feet (Small Front Yard and Sides of Home) $1,500 – $4,000
150 Linear Feet (Small Yard) $2,250 – $6,000
200 Linear Feet (Small Yard) $3,000 – $8,000
300 Linear Feet (Medium Yard) $4,500 – $12,000

Can I spray paint chain link fence?

Chain link fences are typically silver-colored galvanized steel. … Don’t be tempted to spray paint the fence, because you will lose a lot of paint to overspray. It’s best to use a paintbrush on the posts and a roller on the chain link. Choose oil-based, rust-inhibiting aluminum flake paint for the project.

How do I keep my chain link fence from rusting?

Wet, damp weather will allow rust to form in these weak spots and stretching the chain link to tighten the links may help. You may also consider cleaning and spray painting the fence regularly, to keep on top of the rust.

Is it cheaper to buy or build a fence?

2. Is it cheaper to build your own fence? Yes, you will usually save money building your own fence than hiring a contractor for the same project. But keep in mind that either way, the actual cost depends on the material and style of fence you choose — and how much work you want to do yourself.

How can I fence my yard cheaply?

17 Cheap Ways to Fence In Your Yard

  1. Corrugated fencing. Recycling old materials is a great dual-purpose way to build cheap fencing. …
  2. Pallet fencing. For DIY projects, pallets are a common go-to, especially to build a yard fence. …
  3. Split rail. …
  4. Chain link. …
  5. 4-rail horse fence. …
  6. Bamboo fences. …
  7. Wrought iron. …
  8. Vinyl fencing.

Do I need a permit to put a fence around my yard?


If you build a fence without a permit, chances are you’ll get caught. Most municipalities enforce zoning laws that regulate fence height, materials used and even the style of fence if you live in a historic district. You can apply for a fence permit at your local building and planning office.

How many feet of fencing do I need for an acre?

You would need slightly under 836 linear feet of fencing to completely enclose a square 1 acre lot. This is assuming that you would be fencing each side in using straight lines. A perfectly square 1 acre lot would cover 43,560 ft² of space.

How much is a linear foot of fence?

Types of Fencing Material Cost Per Linear Foot

Wire $1 – $7
Vinyl $15 – $30
Composite $23 – $37
Aluminum $30 – $50
Metal $24 – $32

How do you calculate linear feet for a fence?

When constructing a board-on-board fence, subtract the board overlap from the width and divide the result into the fence length. Multiply the number of slats by the height of the fence to find the number of linear feet of slat or picket material you need.

How long does it take to install a fence?

It depends on the size of the job, but most fences can be installed in one to three days. There is no reason to have to wait days or weeks between when the fence posts are installed, and when the rails, gates, and the rest of the job is completed. This is the sign of an over-extended contractor.

How long is a linear foot of fence?

Fence Glossary Terms and Definitions

Linear Feet: a straight line. Example, a straight line from point A to point B is the linear distance. If you have a fence that is 6 feet high and 100 feet long then your fence is 100 linear feet long (the width is not taken into consideration).

Is there good money in fencing?

Depending on the level of training and experience, the annual salary for a fence installation worker ranges from between $21,160 and $51,800 with an average of $32,450. A large, well- established fence installation business can create as much as 1.4 million in annual revenue.

What gauge chain link fence is best?

The smaller the gauge number, the more steel, the higher the quality and the stronger the wire. We recommend using nothing less than 11 ½ gauge (. 1121 inches in diameter) wire for residential and 9 gauge (. 1494 inches in diameter) for commercial fencing.

How can I make my chain link fence look nice?

How to Make Chain Link Fence Look Good – YouTube

How do you stretch chain link fence over uneven ground?

how to install chain link fence on uneven ground – YouTube

What type of fence lasts the longest?

What Type of Fence Lasts the Longest? Chain-link fences with a galvanized finish that doesn’t rust are the longest lasting fences. All other components of the fence are made of steel and are also galvanized, so there is relatively no maintenance.

What is the perimeter of 1 acre?

For example, a circular lot of land that is one acre in size would have a perimeter of 740 feet.

How many linear feet is an acre?

43,560 square feet / 1.67 feet = 26,083.83 linear feet of rows.

Why is there a shortage of chain link fence?

This spike in demand has been caused by supply chain unpredictability, a resurgence in construction sector activity, and an increase in homeowner projects during quarantine. … For example, wood fence demand has grown 274% over the past year.

Which is better galvanized or vinyl coated fence?

Galvanized chain link fences feature a coating to improve durability. Vinyl-coated chain link includes a plastic material on top of the wire. Galvanization increases longevity. Vinyl improves the looks of plain wire and also increases its resistance to rust.

What type of chain link fence is best?

Stainless steel wires are the most durable of all chain link wire materials and as a result, they have higher costs. This type has high alkali resistance, can sustain high temperatures, and is also resistant to harsh weather conditions.